1. Time and Space

From the recording Adam X

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Time and Space

So they call him the Doctor
Some call him Doctor who
But if he’s a fucken Doctor
Then I’m a fucken Doctor too

Because I’m defibrillating beats
And I’m stitching up rhymes
I’m finding order in chaos
I’m building Frankenstein

Greetings ladies and gentlemen and
welcome to the show
what your about to witness here is
my own brand of hustle and flow

its been a long and winding road
and some years in the making
and after all that we’ve been through
I hope its been worth all the waiting

Now please allow me to employ some
Artistic license because I
believe Music equals Art plus religion
plus a little bit of science

You Take these elements
and mix all up together
you might find your place in history
with your voice living on forever

So do your research before you
Come to any conclusion because
I’m not your average every day try-hard tripping on
Some grandiose delusion

You see I’ve listened to a lot of music and I’ve
studied the greats
and all’s I need now is a little inspiration and
time and space